Investing coming soon...

Тime to act like a real investor!


So far, we have had CFD trading where you could open a position, speculate on the price of the assets you choose, and potentially profit depending on whether you forecasted the right direction or not. As you know, this type of trading has many positives, but one of the negatives is that you do not own the underlying assets. You just operate with their prices.

But if you want to invest in the long term in a specific financial instrument, don’t worry, we got you covered! Introducing our upcoming feature - Investing! This way, for example, if you buy an Amazon stock, you literally own one Amazon stock and you may potentially make a profit if the price goes up. Very soon, you will be able to buy your favourite shares without paying any unnecessary commissions or fees and become a real-time investor.

Do you prefer trading CFDs instead?

Expect investing on Sencillo soon!

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