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We have thought it all out for you.

That’s why you get the best-performing assets with the smartest tools for the best trading opportunities.

Sounds smart enough? Ok, let’s go trading!



Only the crème de la crème. No unnecessary clutter of stocks that nobody invests in. Regularly updated. Always on the wave’s crest.



The Holy Trinity is here - gold, oil and natural gas. The metals for the EV revolution too.



We have made the finest selection of indices. S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq. Should we say more?



More than 180 pairs available around the clock 24/5.

It’s time to say NO! to commissions It’s time to say NO! to hidden fees

The only 4 things you need to know to choose us. We have other aces up on our sleeves, don't worry.


We are regulated

You and your friends must ensure you are always trading with a licensed broker like us.


Quick deposit, quick withdrawal

Because nobody wants to wait and it’s a natural thing nowadays.


Smart selection of instruments

It’s so easy to flood you with thousands of junky symbols nobody cares about. You will be able to filter only those that you are interested in.


Signals Take advantage of one of the smartest trading analysis tools ever, which will help save you time and effort while investing!


Say YES to tight spreads and free training

Hey, that sounds interesting. Do you want to know more?

With our specialized educational videos, our Academy section allows you to get familiar with the fundamentals of investing in no time.

Our platform is outstandingly intuitive. Nevertheless, we have made walk-throughs for every step.

You have never seen anything like this before. This is our platform. We have our unique vision to make investing as easy as possible and, at the same time to make you feel secure and free to almost express yourself through investing. The platform shapes around you, around your taste for investing and your style of investing. The right feature appears at the right time. You are never overwhelmed with information. Enough talking. Let’s go do some investing.

Most probably, you will never need it, but we have 24/5 support.

Top-notch and highly motivated professionals are at your service. Whatever and whenever you have an issue with the platform, with the payments, they are here to help.

payment methods